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American Shorthair cat food

The American Shorthair was developed from native American working cats. It is a moderately stocky, even-tempered cat with a short coat. Although this breed is accepted in a wide variety of colors and patterns, the silver classic tabby is perhaps best known. These cats are very bright and athletic.

Their eyes are are very large and are usually bright gold, green or blue.

Appearance Breeders of American Shorthairs are constantly defending their cats against accusations that they are nothing more than alley cats, which are a dime a dozen at local shelters. While some American Shorthairs do look like domestic mixed-breeds, they are larger, sturdier, and healthier than most mixed breeds. They are medium-sized to large cats, usually weighing about 10 to 14 pounds. Their muzzles have a distinctive square shape.

American Shorthairs have thick coats that feel hard and firm. Each hair on their bodies is even, so they don't look straggly like mixed-breed cats. In the winter, their coats grow even thicker. They are a very strong and powerful cat.

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Read more about American Shorthair cat feed

American Shorthair cat illness

Read more about American Shorthair cat illness

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