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Balinese cat food

A Balinese looks a lot like a Siamese, but with long hair. Balinese have coats that are soft, silky, and relatively easy to care for. Balinese tails are long pointed like Siamese. However, unlike the Siamese they are less boisterous and adore attention.

Seal (dark brown) and blue (bluish gray) are the most common colors. Chocolate and lilac are more rare. Balinese kittens are born white; their markings appear during the first few weeks. There are three different types of Balinese: Traditional, Classic, and Modern. Their fur is fine and very soft.

Balinese have large, pointed ears and a long, straight nose. Their eyes are fairly large and are a piercing blue colour. Whilst their body is medium, they are a very strong cat.

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Balinese cat illness

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