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balinese cat

Balinese cat pictures - balinese cat Photos

Balinese cats are very friendly and social. They generally enjoy being around people and other cats, though they are likely to become more attached to one person than the others. They are affectionate, lively, curious cats. They are active cats that leap like acrobats and enjoy playing. Though the Balinese has a long coat, it requires little grooming, since it does not have a double coat, like most long-haired cats. The Balinese is a loud cat, like the Siamese, but it is slightly less vocal and has a softer voice than the Siamese.
The Balinese is descended from the Siamese, whose origin is not known for sure, but is suspected to have come from Siam (Thailand). It is not known where the first longhaired Siamese cat was born, but the first purposefully bred Balinese was born in the United States. They are no uncommon in the United States, but are still uncommon in Europe.
The Balinese has the same body type as the Siamese, except for its medium to long coat and plumed tail. It has a long, slender, medium-sized body. The head is a long, medium-sized tapering wedge shape. The eyes are almond shaped, medium-sized, and slant towards the nose. The ears are quite large, pointed, and wide at the base. The nose is long and straight. The neck, legs, and tail are long and slender like the rest of the body. It weighs 6 to 11 pounds.
The coat length is medium to long. It is longer on the body, belly, and tail. The fur creates a plume on the tail, which is a prized characteristic of the Balinese. The coat is fine and silky, with no undercoat. The Balinese is accepted in the same colors as the Siamese. These colors include Seal Point, Chocolate Point, Blue Point, and Lilac Point. If they have other color point patterns, such as Red Point and Cream Point, they are known as Javanese. However, in the UK, this separation is not made, and all color points are considered to be Balinese.
This cat is naturally active. It enjoys playing and exploring, but does not generally need a regular play and exercise schedule to maintain its health. It will initiate various activities on its own.

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