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The Bengal cat was created to mimic the look of the Asian Leopard cat but with a domestic temperament. The Bengal's coat is thick and luxurious and very soft. All Bengals have dark markings against a lighter body. The color of their bodies ranges from tawny brown to golden orange.

Bengals are usually classified by pattern - they are classified as eith brown (black) spotted, brown (black) marbled, blue eyed snow spotted or marbled, any other colour eye snow spotted or marble. The spots should be either scattered randomly across the cat's body or aligned horizontally--not vertically. The spots should be clearly defined and contrast sharply against its body; avoid cats that have ticked coats instead of spots. The second pattern is the Marbled Bengal. These cats have swirls and patches of color blended together in a pattern similar to a classic tabby. Snow Leopard and Snow Marble Bengals have pale brown or gray swirls or spots against a creamy white or beige body.

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Bengal cat illness

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