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Cat food brands
Cat food brands
Cat food brands

The Best Cat Food to Keep Your Cat Healthy

Just as higher quality "people food" is better for your own health, higher quality cat food will be better for your cat's health. The healthy cat food you choose should be appropriate for your cat's current health status, physical condition, activity level, and life stage. And of course, your cat should like the taste! The ASPCA recommends a "complete, high-quality food made by a reputable manufacturer, approved in feeding trials by the American Association of Feed Control Officers (AAFCO)." Just as you read the labels for your own food, you should also read the label of anything you feed your cat.
Changing Your Cat's Food. If you plan to change the food your are serving your cat, it's usually best for your cat's health to change food gradually. Gradually changing your cat's food will make it easier on your cat's digestive system and will allow her to get accustomed to the new taste.

Dry Food or Wet Food--Which is Best? Cat food comes in both dry (kibble) and wet food. If you buy a premium food, both should be nutritionally equal. The decision about whether to serve your cat dry or wet food should depend on your cat's preference and your schedule. Although it's always important to have fresh water available for your cat, this is even more important if your cat eats dry food. Be sure to always use a clean bowl for your cat's food and water. Your cat does not need milk.

How Much Food to Serve Your Healthy Cat. The cat food label will tell you the general guidelines of how much food you should serve your cat. These guidelines are based on an average healthy cat.Your cat is an individual and may need more or less than what the guidelines say, but the guidelines are a good starting point and you shouldn't move too far from them unless your veterinarian recommends otherwise.

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