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Cat breeds - Looking for information on cats? There are a variety of different cat breeds. Learn about the many different types of cat breeds. Here you can read valuable and important cat articles and cat breeds information. There are also pictures of all the cat breeds.

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A cat is considered to be of a certain cat breed if it is true breeding for the traits that define that breed. Various cat registries around the world record and certify the pedigrees. Different breeds of cats have different personalities. When you choose a kitten for your family, you'll want to take that into account.
Which cat breed is the right match for you? The following are some of the most popular cat breeds.

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Cat breeds Directory - Our cat breed information pages have lots of valuable information to help you find the right cat for your budget and lifestyle. All of our profile pages have at least one picture so you can better familiarize yourself with the cat breed that interests you. You'll learn whether a cat is good with children, a heavy or light shedding cat and their exercise needs.

A  Abyssinian    American Bobtail     American Curl    American Shorthair
B  Bengal    Balinese    Bombay     British Shorthair
C  California Spangled Cat    Chartreux    Cornish Rex
D  Devon Rex
E  Egyptian Mau    European Burmese    Exotic Shorthair
H  Havana Brown    Himalayan
J  Japanese Bobtail    Javanese cat breeds
P  Persian cat breeds
R  Ragdoll cat    Russian Blue
S  Snowshoe    Somali    Sphynx cat breed     Singapura cat

Choosing the right cat breeds

There are so many cat breeds. How can you decide which breed is right for you and your family? Cats are a delightful pet to keep. But like people, not all cats are the same. Choosing a new pet is not an easy task, but with a little research, you can easily find the right match for your family. Your kitten, after all, may very well end up being part of your family for 15 years or more! It is important that you know a little bit about your cat or kitten before adopting her. A good question that you need to consider is if you are looking to get a male or a female cat. There is a vast difference between the two species just as there is with humans or any other type of animal. Males tend to be a larger cat than females and also boast a more extrovert personality. If you do decide to get a male you have to make the decision on whether or not the cat is going to be neutered. Just as a cautionary note, when a male cat is not neutered they tend to have a much different personality. You might find that they spray urine all over, will try to roam, and might just pick fights with other cats if there are any in the house or outside. When you choose to neuter them, you will be able to avoid a lot of these tendencies. Females have different traits than males do. They are a more careful and gentle than males are. If you are looking for a cat who can amuse himself and will not get into constant mischief, then the Sphynx, Siamese, Rex, Balinese, and British Angora breeds may be a bad choice. These cats are very inquisitive and energetic. However, for someone who is homebound or has a lot of free time, these cats are a wonderful source of entertainment.

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