cat care
cat care


How to Take Care of Cat

Cats require some special care for healthy and trouble free existence.
1.Cats are carnivorous; hence they require some animal-source ingredients, such as meat, poultry, or fish, in their diets.
2. Give your cat fresh water every day. There is no need to give milk to the cat.
3. Keep the litter box clean. It promotes good sanitation behavior.
4. Take your cat routinely to a veterinarian. Cats are prone to many of the same diseases that human beings are, like cancer, kidney diseases, heart diseases, and dental diseases.
5.Train the cat to desist from undesirable behaviors such as scratching furniture and jumping on countertops etc.
6. Cats are attracted towards string-like objects like tinsel, needles and thread, rubber bands etc and may eat them. Some cats are attracted towards electric cords. Therefore, keep all these things out of the reach of cats.

cat care


The difference between cats and dogs

A dog thinks "My owner loves me, feeds me, pets me, takes care of me.He must be god."

A cat thinks "My owner loves me, feeds me, pets me, takes care of me. I must be god."

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