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Cat's natural enemy and best friend

Cats and mice are considered natural enemies, but a warehouse of a children's clothing market in china has staged a scene in the real-life version of "A cat loves a mouse". On the morning of April 11, a woman surnamed Zhao said that the cat in the warehouse of her unit had caught a mouse outside and kept the mouse and her kittens together after her birth.

The cat was brought to the warehouse specifically in order to catch rats, as rats were very rampant in the warehouse. Just three days ago, the cat caught a grey mouse, but surprisingly, she didn't eat it, instead raising it with her kittens. Seeing this, a staff of the unit threw the mouse outside the warehouse, but the cat got the mouse back and put it in her net again.

What's more, the cat pays special attention to this small mouse. As long as the mouse is not within the scope of her vision, she will immediately stand up to look for it anxiously.

Experts say this cat's behavior is certainly a special case. They point out that many animals will present some changes in behavior and character during breastfeeding. Some will have a particularly strong awareness for the protection of infants, with the manifestation of special maternity. Some will even take an infant of other species as their own babies mistakenly and conduct breedfeeding and nursing care to them.

Cat's natural enemy

Cat enemy

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