Cat diseases: Prevention, causes, symptoms, and treatment.

Keep your cat healthy by keeping yourself informed. Learn about the warning signs and symptoms of many common cat diseases. You can also pick up a few recovery tips to help speed up the healing process.
Trying to determine if your cat has a cat illness is difficult, much like it is with any animal. Often the only way to tell if your cat is ill is to watch for subtle changes in routine. Most cats are creatures of habit. They expect to be fed at certain times, sleep during certain hours, etc. When there is a break in this normal routine then it may be a sign of a cat illness.

Finding out that your favored feline friend has a cat illness can be very scary. Much of the time we are not familiar with the cat illnesses and cat illness symptoms so we are in territory that makes us uncomfortable. But cat illnesses and kitten illnesses do not have to be terrifying. Some of them are easily taken care of with a trip to the veterinarian. Others take a little more work to get your cat back to health and less than you might think are terminal.

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The most common cat or kitten illnesses are: urinary tract infections, upper respiratory infections, feline distemper, chronic kidney failure, and diabetes. Each of these has their own cat illness symptoms and you can find information about them on the internet or in the veterinarian’s office. Like most cat health and illnesses, most of the ones just mentioned are related to viruses. That means that they are transmitted from other cats. Because cat illnesses can be transmitted from cat to cat it is always a good idea to have a new cat checked out by the veterinarian before you bring into a home where there is an indoor cat, especially if that indoor cat is older. Kidney failure is the one cat sickness from the ones mentioned above that is particularly common in older cats. It is not viral related. If you cat has kidney failure there is no cure but there are measures that can be taken to enhance the quality and length of your cats life. Diabetes is another non-viral disease and it can be seen in an array of cat sickness symptoms. Like kidney disease, there is not cure, but your cat can still have a good life quality if he is treated by a vet.

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Another common cat illness is fleas. Well, fleas are not the illness but can bring many illnesses with them. Fleas are not just annoying and cause your animals to scratch uncontrollably. They can also bring with them anemia, tapeworms, and various other cat illnesses. So, keeping your cats free from fleas is not just a matter of making them more comfortable – it keeps them healthier as well. Fleas can be a common Persian cat’s illness because of their long hair. The long hair makes it easier for them to pick up passengers and makes it more difficult to get rid of those passengers. Regular grooming will help you stay on top of your cat’s health when it comes to fleas and flea related illnesses.

It is important to remember that may cat sickness symptoms mimic each other. That can make cat illness diagnosis very difficult for someone that is not a professional. You might think that it is obvious that he has one thing and start treating him with a home remedy that someone has told you has worked when it reality he has a completely different cat illness. For that reason, cat illness diagnoses are best left up to the professionals – veterinarians.

There are many diseases, which are common to cats. If ignored some of these diseases may turn out to be fatal. But most of these diseases can be prevented by taking care of simple things. Firstly, keep your cat indoors. Secondly, get your cat vaccinated against some common cat diseases.

Here are some valuable information for cat owners. Help ensure a healthy life for your cat by learning to identify and understand a variety of cat diseases and their warning signs. Fortunately, most cat diseases are not life-threatening and may need only a veterinary visit to treat the problem. This information is not intended to replace your cat's annual visit to the veterinarian or to substitute for veterinary care.

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