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Cat lifespan

The life expectancy of your cat is determined by how and where she/he lives. Outdoor cats are prone to many different situations and accidents then that of indoor cats. There have been some cats that live well into their thirties, but the normal life span of an indoor cat is anywhere between 12-15 years. Although your cat may live well into her twenties.

If your cat is an outdoor cat then her normal life span is only 3-4 years. That is a big difference compared to the life span of an indoor cat! When your cat goes outside there are many things taht can happen. Many cats are killed every day from being hit by cars or being prey to other animals. As well as many other diseases and illness that an outdoor can catch easier then an indoor cat.

There are many things that you can do to ensure you cat lives a long and healthy life. When your cat ages just as with humans their symptoms may vary from one cat to another. So keep in mind that no matter how well you take care of your cat genetics also play a part. Here are some things that determine how long your cat will live besides whether or not they are indoor or outdoor cats.

Spaying or neutering them can help them live longer and actually prevent many different diseases and illness.

Keeping up on veterinarian care and vaccinations is crucial to the health of your cat just as much as with a child.

The proper diet can ensure better nutrition and over all health.

Train your cat to stay indoors. It really is the best thing for your cat. When cats are outside they are subjected to a variety of bad situations that can be very deadly to them. As well as many animals attacking them there are humans taht will do the same. If you have small children teach them the proper way to play with your cat. Many children hurt cats on accident by playing to rough.

Allow your cat to be a cat and provide the best possible care for her. Sometimes her behavior may frustrate you like when she is scratching on your furniture and that sort, so buy her a scratching post. Supply her with the best diet plenty of fresh water and toys as well. She needs lots of love from you as well!

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