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Cats are wonderful companions. They share our joys and sorrows and in return give us unconditional love. If you love cats, this is the site for you! If you came to this site to read and learn about cats then you have come to the right site! If you want to know stuff such as why do they sleep all day, are they a good house pet, should they be kept outdoors, what colors are they, and most of all what breed is right for me. We will have Pictures of cats including cute cat photos, stray cat pictures, kitten pics and more! Cats also have different colors of eyes, they can be green, yellowish, orangish, or blue. They can have a yellow rim that goes to green as it gets closer to the pupil. Sometimes you may even see one that has two different colored eyes. One may be blue while the other is orange, or one orange and the other green. There is nothing wrong with your cat, it's just a matter of genetics.

funny cat picture
funny cat pictures

Stray cat pictures, Pictures of cats.

A stray cat is not a feral cat. A stray is a cat who has been abandoned or who has strayed from home and become lost. Stray cats can usually be re-socialized and adopted. A feral cat is an unsocialized cat. Either he was born outside and never lived with humans, or he is a house cat who has strayed from home and over time has thrown off the effects of domestication and reverted to a wild state. Feral cats should not be taken to local shelters to be adopted. Feral cats are not pet cats, and they will be killed at most shelters. Because they’re unadoptable, they sometimes don’t even make it to the shelter, but are killed in the animal control truck. Even no-kill shelters are not able to place feral cats in homes. Feral kittens can be adopted. Feral kittens can often be tamed and placed in homes, but they must be socialized in their first weeks of life. This is a critical window and if they aren’t handled in time, they will remain feral and therefore unadoptable.

You should know more about cats and how they are alike, but also different. They may look somewhat alike at times, but have very different personalities. All breeds of cats have specific traits that makes them cats, such as they are nocturnal, can see in the dark, have fast reflexes, and are natural hunters. All are unique, loveable and make wonderful pets.

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