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Stray Cats adoption

Every cat that comes into our care is welcomed with open arms. Stray cats receive the very best Veterinary care, eat premium quality food and enjoy a beautifully furnished and comfortable environment while they await adoption into permanent homes. And of course, they are given lots of love! We are proud of the work we have done so far in the work of cat rescue, and I will continue to devote my lives to this mission until there are no homeless cats in this world.

Stray Cats care

Owners of cats need to plan ahead before embarking on a breeding program. Both female and male cats need to be adequately prepared by responsible breeders for the producing of litters. Health and safety are the paramount concerns and should be addressed prior to mating, during the female's pregnancy and after the delivery of the kittens.
Step 1: Wait until your female cat is a minimum of 12 months old before breeding her. Remember though that females mature sexually younger than this, usually around 6 months old, and can become pregnant by accident. Males are usually mature around 10 months of age. Step 2: Locate a veterinarian you are confident in prior to breeding. Make sure the cats you plan to breed are current on their vaccines and have a clean bill of health from this vet. Male and female cats should both be de-wormed and thoroughly checked for parasites. Step 3: Prepare your female for breeding by providing her with nutritious, well-balanced meals. Once she is about 5 weeks pregnant, increase her feeding by an extra meal a day. If she acts hungry, feed her more, but check with the vet if you become concerned about the amount she is consuming, whether you think it is too much or too little. Step 4: Increase the chances of a successful breeding by having the cats mate in surroundings that are familiar to the male cat. If you do not own the stud, you will need to prepare arrangements for your female cat to stay with the owner of the stud during the mating. Some breeders prefer to leave the female for 2 weeks to help ensure she will become pregnant. Step 5: Provide your queen with a special area for delivering her kittens. Some breeders prefer to use cages to make sure a new mother won't move her newborns to undesirable areas. Other breeders choose to use a box that the mother can go to and from comfortably. Step 6: Prepare a long-haired queen for the impending birth of her kittens by clipping the hair away from her bottom and her nipples. This will help ensure easier birthing and nursing. Be careful not to cut too close to the skin.

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