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Choosing the Best Cat Breed for you

gives you some fascinating insights and outlines the history behind the domestication of the feline species. We explain their place in civilization and the origins and characteristics of the various breeds of cat. The latter part of the article describes the pros, cons and benefits of cat ownership, what to expect, what to choose and what you need to do.

Not everyone chooses their cat, sometimes the cat chooses the owner. However if it is you doing the choosing then there are some important factors to first consider.

  • Is your cat to be a companion or for breeding and showing?
  • What other animals do you already have?
  • Is your property suitable? (high rise flats and busy roads)
  • Can you afford a cat?
  • Have you got the time to care for a cat?
  • Are there any asthmatics in the family?
  • Choosing a pet for your family takes time and preparation. Deciding what type of cat will best serve your family? Do you want to have a pure bred from a breeder with papers or just a free tabby? These are just some of the things you need to think about before picking out a cat. You also need to make sure that once the cat is home you can provide food, toys and vet cost as cats need regular vet visits. Also think about grooming costs for a long haired cat as this can get expensive. A free cat is not free, it costs money and long term commitment to own a pet and be a good pet owner.

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    Cat breeds

    A cat breed is used for the classification of domestic cats. There are a variety of different cat breeds . Read about the many domestic cat breeds, including the Maine Coon and Siamese cats. And view the many cat breeds pictures to see how each breed differs dramatically in coat length and overall look.

    About 40 cat breeds, of domestic cats are recognized internationally. Although the various cat breeds often differ dramatically in coat length and overall look, they vary less in size than do dog breeds. Many domestic cat breeds began as a naturally-occurring variety of domestic cats native to a specific geographic area. Others are man-made breeds, the result of generations of careful breeding for a desired look.
    Cat breeds are customarily divided into two major categories - longhaired and shorthaired cats. In each of these categories, there is a variety of specific breeds.

    Abyssinian ; American Bobtail ; American Curl ; American Shorthair ; American Wirehair
    Bengal ; Balinese ; Bombay ; British Shorthair
    California Spangled Cat ; Chartreux ; Cornish Rex
    Devon Rex
    Egyptian Mau ; European Burmese ; Exotic Shorthair
    Havana Brown; Himalayan
    Japanese Bobtail ; Javanese
    Ragdoll ; Russian Blue
    Snowshoe ; Somali ; Sphynx ; Singapura

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