Please save these stray cats

1.Description of feral cats vs.stray cats. A stray cat is looking for a new home. This cat wants and craves human interaction. Often, the cat may be malnourished and scraggly-looking. This is because the cat can't live without human care. It never learned how to fend for itself. Cats in the wild are needed. Maybe not in the increasing numbers we find today, but they are needed. They hunt rodents and insects, keeping those pesky populations in check. The Plague was carried in a flea on a rat! A cat sleeping in a doorway is welcoming, even if the cat is wild.

You can put out dry food and water, provide shelter against the storms and cold. Please trap and spay or neuter the cats so that they don't breed or fight.

2.How To Adopt a Stray Cat. Taking in a stray cat is a gesture of compassion that rewards you with a pet's loving devotion. Additionally, there is no more humane way for us to reduce the feral cat population; many stray cats haven't been spayed or neutered. Before adopting a stray cat, however, you should determine the status of the stray to make sure you aren't inadvertently adopting a pet who already has a family. Spaying, neutering and vaccination. Once your stray cat has become a member of your household and you have paid a visit to the vet, you must visit a clinic for spaying, neutering and vaccination. Should the cat remain an indoor/outdoor cat, it is vital that you spay or neuter the cat. Contact your local Humane Society to connect with local clinics that spay, neuter and vaccinate stray cats.
Now that you are assured of your new pet's health and sterility, you can cater to his every whim! Consult other articles for more information about proper nutrition and care for your feline friend. Awaiting you are the countless joys of owning a cat.


Cats Protection & Abuse and killing of cats is not moral !

Now that we do not have animal shelters and related regulations to protect cats.
millions of cats and dogs are brutally murdered for their fur.


How to Help the Stray Cat in Your Life, Let Us All Work Together

Please act now so that we may carry forward our fight on behalf of our animal friends.
With your help, I can make a difference. Thank you for all that you do for cats.

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