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Because we have a family of special-needs cats living in our home, over the years we've located a variety of online resources in such areas as pet emergencies and first aid, adoptions, traveling with cats ,bereavement, health and behavior problems, and so on. This part of the web site provides links to online information and resources for (1) cats, and other companion animals; (2)special-needs animals; (3) therapy, guide, hearing, and other service, working, or assistance animals.
I believe that cats have souls, just like dogs and other thinking creatures. They seem to have feelings and thoughts. Cats are intelligent living creatures that, like all creatures, deserve to be healthy and happy.

Oppose the Killing of Cats

These poor animals have spent 3 days and 3 nights, squashed together in tiny cages, unable to move, without food, water or shelter. The cats are then brutally lifted by the neck and hurled into a cage by a man wielding a metal tongs. Here they fight through fear, hunger and desperation to survive whilst awaiting a horrendously slow death in order to provide meat for restaurants in Guangzhou.
(Photo:Chinese cats awaiting sale as food → )

killing cats

Cat Fur Trade and Cat Meat Trade

cat fur still on sale despite community outrage.The investigation showed how every year millions of cats and dogs are living in cruel conditions, are tormented and then skinned alive, strangled or stabbed solely for the money that can be gained from their furs and skins.The degree of cruelty being inflicted on these cats and dogs is unspeakable. Some of these animals are actually being skinned alive. Some of them are still alive for up to ten minutes after they have been skinned. To many people here, keeping cats as cherished pets is an act of folly. cats are reared for one reason: Around 2 million cats(stray cats) are slaughtered for food annually. Cats, Dogs, Rabbits and almost any animal is used as food. The way these animals are treated is with cruelty and abuse. Most often these animals are either boiled alive, skinned alive or beaten to death in a cage.

Cats and dogs that were once someone's pets, rounded up, transported in sacks and crates. Some are held in dingy, dark unheated buildings during the bitter winter of northern China, often without food or water.
Dogs and cats are internationally considered pets, with few exceptions, and trust us to protect and care for them, yet each year more than 2 million domestic dogs and cats are brutally killed for their fur.

In the Philippines, investigators visited a cat slaughterhouse where as many as 100 cats are killed on one day. Some of the animals are strays, while most are stolen pets. Investigators witnessed cats from the neck by ropes, while other cats watched helplessly.The home owner's business apparently exported the cats' fur to Japan (where it was used as lining for boots, purses and coats) and sold the flesh as meat to be ground into sausage.

How to avoid Such cruelty!

This is the reality of the fur trade. The trade does not care whether the animals they kill are wild animals, are bred specifically for their fur, or are stolen pets from someone's garden. Those in the fur trade have no conscience, no morals. They are governed by greed and selfishness.
We are against the cat and dog fur trade! This act of slaughtering animals for their fur and skin is horrific!

(1) we urge government to pass National Animal Welfare Laws to protect cats and other fur bearing animals.
(2) Through individual efforts to protect the cats and animals .
(3)The most ethical and humane stand is to not sell any fur whether it is cat, dog, rabbit, or any unfortunate animal.
(4) Most of all - changing people's thinking about animals - enhancing compassion, enhancing ethics, demonstrating how compassion for animals is integral to a compassionate society and how in very pragmatic terms, compassion for animals reduces bullying and violence in families and communities.

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