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Breed information about the Devon Rex cat breed, its standards, profile, history, and personality traits.

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Devon rex cat

Devon Rex cat pictures - Devon Rex cat Photos

The Devon Rex, also known as the "Pixie Cat", for its elf-like features, is an affectionate, active cat. It has an interesting, wavy coat made of down hairs and a few guard hairs. This cat is a great indoor cat for people who enjoy playing and spending time with their cats.
The Devon Rex is a loving, social cat, especially with people. In general, it is friendly with dogs, other cats, and even rodents, but it enjoys being with people the most. It is active and playful, but not as much as the Cornish Rex. They are known for remaining playful even throughout their later years. They are gentle cats that are good playmates for cat-friendly children. Unlike some breeds, this breed does not need time to itself. It enjoys being around people most of the time. Devon Rexes have been described as "dog-like", due to their friendly, human-centered demeanor and various tricks that have been observed in this breed. Some have been taught to fetch slippers and walk on a leash. They have also been observed wagging their tails, but it is now believed that the wagging was serving the purpose of balancing them when they performed difficult tricks, such as walking a tightrope. Like the Cornish Rex, they enjoy being indoors and require minimal grooming. They have a soft, sweet voice, milder than the Cornish Rex's. Like the Cornish Rex, people who are allergic to cats are less likely to experience allergic reactions to the Devon Rex.
the Devon Rex is largely known for its unique wavy coat. The Devon Rex coat is comprised mostly of down hairs, but unlike the Cornish Rex, it has some guard hairs, though they are thinner than the average cat's guard hairs and vary in length. These features create a lumpier, slightly harsher coat than the Cornish Rex coat. Like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex also has curly eyebrows and whiskers.
The Devon Rex should be kept inside during cold weather and provided with additional warmth, since its thin coat is often not a sufficient insulator. In the early history of the breed, a hereditary, fatal disease known as "spasticity" was developed, due to inbreeding. However, it has been bred out of current lines. Also, muscular dystrophy and hemophilia have been seen in some Devon Rexes, but breeders have attempted to breed these diseases out.

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