Feline food,the best cat food.

What is a good dog food and what is a good cat food. What's the best dog food I can buy? These are very common questions. The answer usually is, depends on the needs of your pet. As pets age or require specialized diets for medical conditions, the answer may not always be the same brand of food.

Cat food is food manufactured for consumption by cats. Although cats are obligate carnivores, most commercial cat food contains both animal and plant material, supplemented with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Cat food is formulated to address the specific nutritional requirements of cats, in particular containing the amino acid taurine.

Choosing The Best Cat Food

You needn't know a lot about cat food when choosing the best cat food. What you need to know, however, is your cat. What's his age? Life stage? Health history? Body type? When you can answer these questions, choosing the best cat food will be a relatively simple choice.

Today, most cat food is optimized for the life stage of your pet. These fall into three general categories: kitten, adult cat, and senior. When choosing the best cat food you need to make sure it is nutritionally designed to meet your pet's needs at each stage of life. In addition, there is cat food designed to help your pet lose weight, or to account for medical conditions like kidney failure, allergies, or digestive problems. Ask your veterinarian if you have any questions about your cat's health, and about which of these cat food choices is appropriate when choosing the best cat food for your feline friend.

Feline food

Most cats will eat either dry, or wet (canned) cat food, provided it is fresh. Your cat may express a preference for one, or the other. There are many nutritionally balanced cat foods available in both canned and dry formulations. Some cats may even like a mixture of the two.

when choosing the best cat food, look for an emphasis on natural ingredients, and few artificial colors, flavors, or ‘fillers.' Food ingredients are listed according to the amount present in the food, so if the first ingredient on the label is a rich protein source like eggs or meat, you can be reasonably sure you're getting a quality cat food.

When choosing the best cat food, the ideal cat food is one that is formulated for your cat's age, health, body-type and activity level. Whether canned or dry, it is nutritionally complete, and has few artificial ingredients or fillers.
After you've done all you can to make sure a food is healthy and beneficial, take a look at your cat after feeding the food for at least a month. Bright eyes, a shiny coat, and a healthy energy level will let you know you've chosen a good source for your cat's nutrition. If you need assistance selecting a food for your cat, seek veterinary/professional advice.




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