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Cats are the most fascinating and loveable creatures in the world.
We believe that cats have souls, just like dogs and other thinking creatures. They seem to have feelings and thoughts. We select the best funny cat pics and funny cat photos for you. Yes, Cats are the coolest animals on this planet! Yes, that statement is rife with conjecture with a personal opinion based on personal pet experiences. But they really are amazing creatures. You'll find many articles about cats on our site. We love our pets and want to share our knowledge with you!

A dog thinks, "Hey this person feeds and takes care of me, what a god!"
A cat thinks, "Hey this person feeds and takes care of me, I must be a god!"

funny cats
funny cats

Funny and cute cats

Cats are wonderful companions. They share our joys and sorrows and in return give us unconditional love. Many of us are feel lonely and crave for company. Old people are always looking for someone who can share some time with them. Similarly, childless couple also feel lonely. For such people cat adoption is a wonderful idea. It will bring joy to their lives and also make them more enthusiastic and sanguine towards life. If you are at this site then you are probably looking for tips on how to care for your cat. Or maybe your looking for ideas on how to care for a kitten. Well I'm here to give you some tips on how to care for your cat, such as what materials you'll need, how to keep your cat healthy, and how to make sure your cat doesn't suffer with flea or ear mites. These are all tips that I will give you on how to care for your cat or new kitten.

funny cat

1. Did you ever wonder why they hate baths so much?
Its cause after they get out of the water their instinct is that they know they will be cold. They hate being cold and they can die from getting a cold. Some do like water such as the bangle cats. They love water and will jump into fish tanks or in the shower. If you have any spot of water they love to play with it.
2. All breeds of cats are nocturnal, So are you wondering why your cat sleeps all day? Why do they do that? Well cats are nocturnal, meaning they are awake at night, so they need to sleep during the day. More often than not, you will see them sleeping during the day, but if you see them at night they are most always awake. This is one of the traits that make them all alike.

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