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Havana brown cat

Havana brown cat pictures - Havana brown cat Photos

The Havana Brown is a lively, playful cat. They are extroverted and enjoy being around people, though they often become attached to one person. They are curious, and even mischievous, but not overly destructive cats. The Havana loves being inside, and is therefore a good apartment cat. They have been described as being both reservedly affectionate and exceptionally sweet, which may be a product of becoming attached to one person. The Havana's voice is medium in volume and pitch. This breed requires little grooming.
The defining feature of the Havana Brown, as signified by its name, is of course its uniformly brown coat. Even the nose and whiskers are brown. All shades of chestnut brown are acceptable. The coat is medium in length, glossy, and smooth.
The body is medium in length and muscular, but not stocky. The legs are medium in length and the tail is medium long. In Britain, the Havana Brown has a more Siamese appearance than in the United States. In Britain, the head is triangle-shaped and the nose is long and straight. In the United States, the head is rounder in shape and the nose is shorter. In both countries, the ears are large and the eyes are oval-shaped and green. This breed weighs 6-10 pounds and lives to be approximately 9-15 years old.
The Havana Brown is particularly elegant with its uniformly chestnut coat from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. It is an active, playful cat that enjoys the indoors. It is especially friendly and affectionate with its owner.

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