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Himmys are strikingly beautiful cats with personalities that reflect the best of the Persian and Siamese. Himmys have beautiful coats like Persians, but they come in pointed colors--seal (dark born) chocolate (milk chocolate), blue (bluish gray) and lilac (pinkish gray), More exotic colors include red (or flame) cream, tortie, and lynx. Himmys have blue eyes, but the color isn't as vivid as Siamese. Himmys' beautiful hair can reach five inches in length, and it stands out from their bodies, making them look like balls of fluff. However, there's a downside to all of this beauty. Himmys need frequent--daily--grooming. And, even if you do groom a Himmy routinely, it may still become matted and tangled. Himmys are short and cobby like Persians with deep chests and short legs. Their paws are very large. Their broad heads rest on short necks Their eyes are large and their noses are short.

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Himalayan cat illness

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