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Himalayan cat

Himalayan cat pictures - Himalayan cat Photos

The Himalayan cat is one the few feline breeds which has a very well-described ancestry.
The Himalayan has the stocky body type, long hair, and placid temperament of the Persian, but has the pointed pattern of the Siamese.
The Himalayan cat is said to have a gentle disposition like other Persian cats, but may clown around more to get attention and affection from their human companions. Himalayans may also be more active than most Persians due to the Siamese element in their background. They may destroy household objects if left alone too much due to boredom. Himalayans are said to like to be involved in their humans' daily lives and chores.
Coming from a Persian and a Siamese it is rather interesting that the standards dictate a rather round, short and stubby sort of appearance. The head of a Himalayan cat should be round and be rather large when compared to the body. Instead of a longer neck it needs to be short and stout. As fitting for a head and neck configuration such as this the eyes need to be large and round while being set widely apart.
Continuing the consistency of the standard; the body should resemble the head characteristics. A solid body of medium to large size and a broad rear end should comprise the main body. The legs need to be short to the point of being stubby. Rounded feet finish off the Himalayan cat body.

The fur on a Himalayan cat needs to be either long and silky or short and dense. The color of the fur on the main body should be varying shades of white. Color-points should be restricted to the face mask, legs, tail, feet and genitals. To say that the color-points are varied is an understatement although most fall into a description of the Lynx color category. The lynx colors accepted include: seal, blue, red, cream, tortie, blue-cream, chocolate, lilac, chocolate-tortie and lilac-cream. Main grouping colors that are accepted include blue, chocolate, cream, red-tortie and seal-lilac.

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