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  STRAY CAT - Welcome to the stray cat website

Welcome to the stray cat site. A new cat website dedicated to finding loving homes for stray cats. Cats abandonment(disservice) is a cruel reality that many cats will face during their lifetime. Our burden is devoted to help alleviate this inhumane and complex problem.

We are a private, non-profit organization committed to protecting and improving the health and welfare of stray animals through education, adoption and the promotion of foster care as an alternative approach to traditional shelters. We believe it is the right of every stray animal to have a safe, healthy life in a loving home.

We are also dedicated to stray animal population control, promoting stray cat adoption and reducing the incidence of abandonment. Fostering animals into loving and nurturing homes provides an efficient and less expensive alternative to traditional animal shelters. We hope to advocate fines for killing or not spaying/neutering cats. While this undertaking will be massive and a long, ongoing process, we believe that citizens working together can make it a success.

stray cat

  CAT WEBSITE - Cats Directory

Stray cat website also offers one of the largest cat website directories on the Internet. Here you can read valuable and important cat articles and cat information on cat health, cat food, cat breeds, cat pictures and so much more.

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