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Breed information about the Russian blue cat breed, its standards, profile, history, and personality traits.

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Russian blue cat

Russian blue cat pictures - Russian blue cat Photos

The Russian Blue is known for its affection and serene disposition. It is well-loved for its elegant, yet simplistic appearance. This breed requires little grooming, yet remains stunning at all times.
This is an extremely affectionate breed that loves being around people, including strangers, and other cats. The Russian Blue is also known for being quite gentle and serene. However, some have described it as a temperamental cat. It enjoys staying inside and can be either playful or sedentary, depending on its particular personality. The Russian Blue is also known for being less destructive than other breeds. This breed has a very soft, sweet voice and requires little maintenance.

The Russian Blue has a medium-size, slender, elongated, and well-muscled body. The legs are long and slender with round paws. The tail is long, thin, and tapering. The head is wedge-shaped and of medium size. In Britain, the head is rounder than in America. The eyes are large, almond-shaped, and green. The nose is medium length and the ears are large, wide-set, and moderately pointed. The Russian Blue's weight ranges from 7 to 12 pounds, though it is slightly heavier in Britain. They live to be approximately 13 to 15 years old.
Obviously, this breed is known for its blue coat, which can range from light to dark gray with a silvery sheen. However, White, Black, and Red variations are accepted in some countries. They are referred to as Russian Whites, Russian Blacks, and Russian Reds. The coat is short and dense, due to the double coat, consisting of an outer coat of strong guard hairs and an inner coat of water-resistant down hairs.
This breed can be playful or lack the need for activity. However, if it becomes overweight, it should be encouraged to play and exercise.

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