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Snowshoe cat pictures, Snowshoe cat information.

Breed information about the Snowshoe cat breed, its standards, profile, history, and personality traits.

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Snowshoe cat

Snowshoe cat pictures - Snowshoe cat Photos

The Traditional Snowshoe can be described by its short hair, four white feet that extend over its ankles, and a white "v" shaped marking over the nose and muzzle. The head is shaped like a modified triangle. Its body is muscular but not overly so. It has the conformation of a runner. The white pattern should not cover more than two-thirds of the body. Males are larger in size than females; they can weigh as much as 12 pounds. It is considered a medium to large cat with bright blue eyes. The eyes are oval in shape when the cat is undisturbed but when alerted, the eyes are walnut in shape. The name of Snowshoe originated because of the combination of points and white patterns on its feet.
Snowshoe cat is a medium-size cat, the Snowshoe combines the stocky, robust appearance of the American Shorthair with the length of the Siamese. The pleasing result is a powerful, agile cat of intermediate body type.
The head is a rounded wedge shape, the eyes are oval and bright blue, and the ears are medium-size, with slightly rounded tips.The Snowshoe is a shorthaired cat with a pointed coat pattern, white markings on the feet (for which the breed is named), and an inverted white "V" on the face, which begins in the middle of the forehead and descends to the muzzle.

These cats come in two colour combinations: seal point and white, and blue point and white.
As with all cats, their individual personalities vary, however, overall the Snowshoe is a friendly cat that manages to retain the astute intelligence along with just a touch of the mystic aloofness provided by their Oriental ancestors.
An inquisitive and active cat, the Snowshoe offers many hours of delightful entertainment and a cats lifetime of affectionate companionship.

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