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A stray cat is a cat that has been allowed to roam by its owner and has been unable to find its way home.
The existing stray cat population and its annual replenishment through natural reproduction and abandonment of domestic cats causes significant problems.

Feral cats are born outdoors and have not been socialized. Uncomfortable around humans, they will never be comfortable living in human homes. They make homes in colonies wherever they can find food, be it in alleys or under a boardwalk. On their own without human intervention, breeding is not controlled, and their numbers steadily increase. All cats, even those born outside and having never lived with a human family, should be allowed to live the lives they deserve - outdoors, happy, healthy and prevented from becoming part of an endless cycle of breeding.

A feral cat has a life expectancy of only 2 years , all stray or feral cats were either a former house pet,or a descendent of one. They will not survive for very long on their own and require us to shed our indifference and help them. We are glad you have taken the first step.

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Cat Care tips

Cats require some special care for healthy and trouble free existence.
Cats are carnivorous; hence they require some animal-source ingredients, such as meat, poultry, or fish, in their diets.
Give your cat fresh water every day. There is no need to give milk to the cat.
Keep the litter box clean. It promotes good sanitation behavior.
Get your cat vaccinated against deadly diseases.
Take your cat routinely to a veterinarian. Cats are prone to many of the same diseases that human beings are, like cancer, kidney diseases, heart diseases, and dental diseases.
It is advisable to have your cat neutered, also called spayed (for females) and castrated (for males). It aids in control of unwanted kittens, and greatly minimizes the risk of problems associated with the reproductive tract and behavioral problems associated with sexually intact animals.
Cats are attracted towards string-like objects like tinsel, needles and thread, rubber bands etc and may eat them. Some cats are attracted towards electric cords. Therefore, keep all these things out of the reach of cats.

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