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A stray cat is a cat that has been allowed to roam by its owner and has been unable to find its way home.
A feral cat is a cat that has been abandoned or the offspring of an abandoned cat and does not live under the direct supervision of a human but will live and reproduce near human population.
The existing stray cat population and its annual replenishment through natural reproduction and abandonment of domestic cats causes significant problems.

stray cat

You don’t adopt a stray cat, rather a stray cat adopts you. Although this adage has a bit of truth, being a responsible pet owner requires you to take care of a few things to ensure the health and well-being of your adopted cat. 1.Find a stray cat. Perhaps there is a stray cat nosing around in your backyard with no collar or tags. 2.Get a pet carrier. Place the carrier outside, where the stray cat can smell and explore the carrier. 3.Establish trust with the cat by offering food and water. The best way to get a cat or any pet to not be afraid of a pet carrier is to offer food and water to the stray inside the carrier with the door unlatched. This lets the stray become familiar with the carrier and your scent. This may take several repetitions to establish trust. 4.Name your cat. Go get a collar and tag with the cat’s new name. Congratulations! You’ve adopted a stray cat.

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