British Shorthair Cat Behavior/Personality/feeding

The British Shorthair is the British counterpart of American shorthair. It is probably the oldest English breed of cat, and can trace its ancestry back to the domestic cat of Rome. In the late 1800s cat fancier Harrison Weir was instrumental in establishing the British Shorthair as an officially recognized breed. World War II resulted in their near extinction but dedicated efforts afterwards saved this species.
The British Shorthair Cat comes in a variety of colors. color combinations and patterns. The solid cats are white. black. blue. red. chocolate. lilac. fawn. cinnamon and cream. The tabby cats are silver. blue-silver. chocolate-silver. lilac-silver. red-silver. cream-silver. chocolate tortoiseshell silver. black tortoiseshell silver. lilac-cream silver. blue. lilac. chocolate. brown. silver. blue-cream. brown tortoiseshell. cream. red. chocolate tortoiseshell and lilac-cream (patterns can be classic. mackerel or spotted). The patched cats can be blue tortoiseshell and white. black tortoiseshell and white. chocolate tortoiseshell and white. black and white. lilac tortoiseshell and white. chocolate and white. blue and white. red and white. lilac and white. and cream and white. The tortoiseshell colors can be lilac. chocolate. black and blue-cream. The smoke colors can be black. chocolate. lilac. blue. cream. red. black tortoiseshell. lilac tortoiseshell. cream tortoiseshell. and blue-cream tortoiseshell.
Appearance :
The British Short hair is a compact, well-balanced, and powerful cat, with a short, very dense coat. They are round headed, broad chested, have short and strong legs and a thick tail. One of the most appealing features of the British Shorthair is their built-in smile caused by their round whisker pads. The British Shorthair comes in various colours with blue being the most popular one.
British Shorthairs are quiet, even-tempered, intelligent, alert and affectionate cats. They are extremely loyal, gel easily with people and are especially good with children and other pets. They are low-profile and tend to be independent.

British Shorthair Cat
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