California Spangled Cat Behavior/Personality/feeding

History :
California Spangled is a recent breed. It was developed in 1980s by a California breeder, Paul Casey who wanted to create a domestic breed similar to endangered spotted wildcats. A complex breeding program including an Abyssinian-domestic shorthair cross, a British Shorthair, an American Shorthair, a feral cat from Cairo, a spotted Manx, and a Siamese produced the desired results after eleven generations. Presently, the breed is registered with the The International Cat Association (TICA) and is slowly working its way toward Championship status with TICA and the ACA.

Appearance :
California Spangled Cats are large, well-muscled cats. They have prominent cheekbones and pale, well-developed whisker pads. The forehead is slightly rounded; the eyes are almond-shaped and blue colored. The ears are rounded at the tips and set high on the head. The tail is dark-tipped and blunt. With its well-defined spots, California Spangled looks like a little leopard.
Personality :
Though California Spangled is a wild looking cat, it is purely a domestic breed. They are sweet natured, intelligent and energetic. They are very devoted to their humans. They have strong hunting instincts and are easily intrigued by anything that moves. They do not demand their owner's attention.

California Spangled Cat

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