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Chartreux Cat Behavior,Personality,feeding.

The Chartreux is a natural French breed of great antiquity. Legend has it that they were raised as a companion by the Carthusian monks. However, in all likelihood due to the woolly character of their fur, Chartreux were given the same name as that of the well-known Spanish wool of the early 18th century. Its documented History is as early as 16th century.
Color :The Charteux Cats are can be a blueish-grayish shade ranging from ash to slate with the tips of the coat lightly silver.

Description :
The Charteux Cats have a coat that is medium short. soft. and dense. The texture is slightly woolly with a resilient undercoat. The eyes are large. open. and round. The colors can vary from copper to gold. but orange is ideal. The head is rounded and large with full cheeks. short nose. and a narrow muzzle on a short neck. The ears are medium in size and set high and straight. The body is well muscled with broad shoulders and straight. sturdy legs. The tail is heavy at its base and tapers to the end. The Charteux females are medium size and the males are larger.

Features : The Charteux Cats are considered to be a shorthaired cat. The Charteux is an affectionate. calm. rather quiet breed and instead of meowing sometimes it will chirp. This cat is very smart and can be taught to fetch. come when their name is called. and follow their masters around. The may be fascinated by the television and phone. The kittens of the Charteux Cats reach maturity at three years of age. This Charteux Cats can be often confused with the British Blue Shorthair.

Chartreux Cat picture / photo

Chartreux Cat

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