Egyptian Mau Cat Behavior,Personality,feeding.

The name of Egyptian Mau has been derived from Egyptian word for cat - Mau. Egyptian Mau is regarded as the naturally spotted breed of domestic cat. Spotted cats were depicted in ancient Egyptian wall paintings dating back over 3,000 years and many believe these to be the ancestors of the Egyptian Mau. Their modern day History began in 1956 with their importation to North America by the exiled Russian princess, Nathalie Troubetskoy. The Cat Fanciers' Association (CFA) recognized the cat in 1977.

The Egyptian Mau Cats coat dense. glossy. and silky. The coat is medium in length. The eyes are large. almond-shaped and slanting slightly toward the ears. The color of the eyes is light green. The large. alert ears are medium in size with short close-lying hair. The head does not have flat planes and is like a wedge slightly rounded. The muzzle is not short or pointed sharply and the chin is firm. The Egyptian Mau cat is medium size cat that is muscular. The legs are proportionate to the body. The tail is medium long. slightly tapering and thick at base.

The Egyptian Mau is affectionate. lively with an extrovert personality. These cats may bond with only one or two people and has intense devotion to them. The Egyptian Mau is extremely smart and can be taught tricks and to walk on a lead. They often express their happiness by chortling in a soft melodious voice and wiggling their tails real fast. This elegant cat with a beautiful spotted coat attracts many admirers at cat shows.

Egyptian Mau Cat

Many Maus use a paw to test their drinking water before taking a sip. It is believed that this behaviour stems from that of the Mau’s ancestor, the African wildcat, which urinates in streams so that predators will not get its scent. Given this historical behaviour, it is quite sensible for Maus to check their water before drinking. Maus are very demanding when it comes to food, and in some cases this can lead to obesity in this otherwise lean cat. Owners need to be careful not to give in to the Mau’s demands if they notice that the cat is gaining weight rapidly. Most Maus prefer very warm temperatures. They are quite sensitive to cold, as well as to various types of medicine that have less pronounced effects on other breeds. Maus are also more likely to suffer from food allergies than other cat breeds.

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