Balinese Cat Behavior/Personality/feeding

Balinese Cat History:
The long-haired cousin to the Siamese, the Balinese combines the effortless grace and fine lines of the Siamese with a long, silky coat. This coat was originally considered to be an undesirable trait among US Siamese breeders when it first appeared in the 1950's. But when two long-haired Siamese cats were bred together, it was discovered that the longhaired Siamese was actually a true breed.

Balinese Cat Appearance and Character:
The Balinese, so named for the beauty and grace of Balinese dancers, can be compared to
the Himalayan, but possesses the fine, long lines of the Siamese. Unlike the Himalayan, the soft and silky coat of the Balinese requires much less grooming. Balinese are wonderful companions! They are affectionate, inquisitive, intelligent, playful and gentle with the people they love. Balinese are very sociable, and like very much to spend time with their humans. Balinese cats are exquisite creatures that display four colors; seal-point, chocolate-point, blue-point and lilac-point.

Balinese Cat
Balinese Cat

The Balinese Cat is considered a semi-longhair. These cats are smart. playful. and loving. The Balinese is very demonstrative and can be vocal. yet less vocal than the Siamese. They are very active and lively. These cats are very loyal to there owners and may be aloof sometimes also. The Balinese can be independent enough to be left alone long periods of time. They are able to get along with other cats and dogs.

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