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Bombay Cat Behavior/Personality/feeding

The Bombay was created in 1953 by an American Breeder, Nikki Horner who wanted to develop a cat that possessed the conformation of the Burmese but with a sleek black coat and copper eyes instead of brown fur and yellow eyes. She named the breed after Bombay, India, land of the black leopard. In 1976 the Bombay was recognised for championship status in The Cat Fanciers' Association.

The Bombay cat is a medium sized cat with a solid muscular body. They are jet black in colour and the eye colour ranges from golden to deep copper with copper eyes considered the more superior. Though the Bombay Kittens look rather ordinary but like scotch whisky they improve with age.

Bombay cats are extremely agile, affectionate and intelligent. Bombays are very attached to their owners and want constant attention. They are silent in nature and are not very vocal.

The Bombay Cats should be jet-black from the roots to the tips. The kittens may be lighter in color and then darken with age. Black is the only recognized color. however. there are many other colors.

It has been said that if you want a dog, a cat, or a monkey, you want a Bombay. Bombays can often be leash trained, most enjoy playing "fetch," and all are fond of inventing new ways to entertain themselves and the folks that live with them. Bombays are congenial and utgoing, and make intelligent, affectionate companions. They do well with children and will often act as a "greeter" with visitors. They live compatibly with dogs and other pets as well. The Bombay generally combines the easy-going temperament and robust nature of the American Shorthair and the social, inquisitive, lap-loving character of the Burmese.

Bombay Cat

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